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What's there to do in Trinidad?


Cyrils Bay-Trinidad

The best beaches are along the north coast and east coast (the water is fairly rough). Popular beaches include Maracas Bay on the north coast 35 minutes from Port of Spain, and Mayaro and Manzanilla beaches on the east coast.

Somewhat further afield, on the south and south-west coasts, there are other good beaches. There are visitor facilities on several of the more popular beaches.

Deep sea fishing


Nature Tours


There is an abundance of discos, bars and pubs to choose from. Also at most hotels there are floorshows, live music and dancing. Fetes, large dance parties, are open to the public for an entrance fee. These are held year- round but are particularly popular in the Carnival season. One can usually find local theatre, musical and opera productions.

Pan Concerts

Renegades Pan Theatre, Charlotte St., Port of Spain (Friday evenings).


Courts are available at most of the larger hotels, and are often open to non-residents for a small fee.

Public courts



Yachting and Sailing

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