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Marriage is the first covenant relationship that God established between human beings on the earth. It was instituted in the Garden of Eden between the first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve (see Genesis 2:22-24) and has survived to this day. However, its survival has not been without much struggle.

In today's permissive society in which immorality in the lives of both president and pauper is readily condoned, marriage is no longer a respected institution. This is a clear attack on the Word of God in which it is stated that "Marriage is honourable for all and the bed is undefiled" (Hebrews 13:4).

Today, pre-marital and extra-marital relations and co-habitation are common aspects of society. Indeed those who opt to solidify their union in covenant are often discouraged by government policies and social organizations. How else are we to view the scenario in which a single parent is encouraged not to marry so as to continue to receive social welfare support from the state or the scenario in which married couples are taxed higher than unmarried cohabiting couples?

The age of pornography has also had a devastating effect on married life with many husbands leaving their faithful spouses in search of the 'perfect' younger woman who will do to them the sensual acts they have viewed in magazines or on television or in movies. They join the vast number of "prodigal husbands" living away from home in unhappy circumstances but ashamed to return home to their wives in repentance.

Unfortunately, many such instances of marital infidelity begin and continue in hospitality premises where there is no policy in place to prevent the accommodation of unmarried couples. Therefore, instead of contributing to the solution hotels and inns become part of the problem!

We at HOSANNA HOTEL desire to ensure that our premises are not utilized by wayward persons in search of extra-marital sensual pleasure. We desire to be part of the solution to marital infidelity rather than exacerbate the problem. Hence we prefer to forego potential revenue in favour of a Blessing from God and we accommodate Husband-and-Wife couples only.

Christian Married Couples know that when they visit HOSANNA HOTEL the beds are undefiled which makes their Honeymoon, Wedding Anniversary or Romantic Getaway even more special. Marital counselling is available for guests through the services of experienced Marriage and Family Counsellors who base their counsel on the Word of God. Moreover, through the medium of one of our nation's local daily newspapers, HOSANNA HOTEL has recently undertaken the task of educating the nation's married couples about the importance of keeping the Covenant of Marital Fidelity and Maintaining the atmosphere of Romance in their marital relationships.


No one can deny that Marriage Needs To Be Defended. To this end we invite married couples to visit the websites of other ministries whose aims complement our own and benefit from the wonderful array of resources available to strengthen and heal your marriages. Feel free to contact any of the webmasters to request literature or attend seminars and workshops in your area.

HOSANNA HOTEL does NOT necessarily support all the content on each of these pages. Today, much of what is considered "Christian" contradicts the Word of God. Therefore, when considering information found through various links, please know that HOSANNA HOTEL certainly does NOT endorse or recommend everything other ministries produce. Please proceed with caution and an open Bible.


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